Tepezcohuite, the “Skin Tree”

Tepecohuite (pronounced Te-pez-co-wheety) is usually a tree bark from Mexico.

Derived from your bark of Mexico’s ‘skin tree’, this non-toxic natural component was utilized by the Mayans for additional than 10 generations being an anti-aging skincare product or service. A lot of the bark’s significant homes are that it is: an anti-microbial; an analgesic agent and a mobile regenerator.
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The tepezcohuite tree (Mimosa Tenuiflora) has long been referred to as a wonder thanks to its uses for skin treatment. Modern-day research has revealed that crucial factors found in its complex chemical makeup essentially mend and safeguard skin cells – giving it the amazing ability to mend a variety of skin complications and to market younger-looking, nutritious skin.

Tepezcohuite has long been hailed for its ability to:

Guard towards the symptoms of aging
Boost the development of latest skin cells
Stimulate the generation of collagen and elastin to enhance skin’s elasticity
Shield Vitamin P (a mobile regenerator) and hyaluronic acid
Regenerate deep gentle tissue and hair follicles
Mend really serious burns and skin blemishes
Handle Psoriasis and Herpes I & II
Minimize scarring
Relieve the pain of sore, cracked or damaged skin
Alleviate the discomfort of pressure sores
Aid in the prevention of acne
Defend towards bacteria, fungi and viral infections and germs


In 1984, a group of medics witnessed a phenomenon in Mexico City. Hundreds of people had been severely burned in a series of explosions in a gas factory. The Red Cross successfully treated victims by dusting their wounds with Tepezcohuite powder. Tepezcohuite’s regenerative action on the injured tissues worked wonders: it was so effective that it was applied one year later when an earthquake caused a gas explosion in the Aztec capital.

Principal health institutions in Mexico have studied Tepezcohuite, also known as the ‘skin tree’, for many years to discover its major qualities as:

An antimicrobial
An analgesic agent
A cellular regenerator

Very rich in essential active components for the skin, an extract of Tepezcohuite contains:

FLAVINOID that diminishes the capillary permeability and increases its resistance and protects from skin getting older

TANNINS that have an astringent action and endorse smooth skin

MIRCONUTRIENTS such as zinc, copper, manganese, iron and magnesium which play an important role in mobile repairative and protective action. Tepezcohuite is utilized for the treatment of eczema, burns, acne, scars, wrinkles, psoriasis, rosacea, herpes, dry skin, stretch marks, blackheads, sunburn, undereye bags, and many other skin treatment issues.

Extensive research is performed in labs in Mexico, Canada and the United Kingdom. They have identified that Tepezcohuite is non-toxic, a cellular regenerator, an anti-bacterial 300% more effective than streptomycin, and also a powerful fungicide.

BURNS – Tepezcohuite
From exploration at the BIOGIR Lab (Paris, France)

Does not have harmful side effects
Is an analgesic
Is very effective in treating first- and second-degree burns
Protects burns from your environment
Prevents the formation of cheloidal scars
Regenerates hair follicles
Stops the loss of liquid plasma

COSMETOLOGY – Tepezcohuite
Information through the CRUZ AZUL HOSPITAL (Oaxaca, Mexico)

Is an analgesic
Is an astringent
Is an anti-bacterial
Is really a fungicide
Protects hyaluronic acid and Vitamin P (a mobile regenerator)
Protects and stimulates the generation of collagen and elastin
Regenerates hair follicles

DERMATOLOGY – Tepezcohuite
Information through the CRUZ AZUL HOSPITAL (Oaxaca, Mexico)

Prevention of facial expression lines and acne
Treatment of Psoriasis
Treatment of Herpes I and Herpes II
Treatment of chicken-pox scars

INFECTOLOGY – Tepezcohuite
Information from the CRUZ AZUL HOSPITAL (Oaxaca, Mexico)

External local application on abscesses
Diabetic foot as a result of damp gangrene

TRAUMATOLOGY – Tepezcohuite
From research at the BIOGIR Lab (Paris, France)

Protects exposed bone (first- and second-degree) – Muller
Regenerates deep delicate tissue
Is antiseptic and germ-killing

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These statements have not been evaluated because of the FDA and no statement should be construed as a claim for cure, treatment or prevention of any disease.

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